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July Newsletter

How May I Help My Neighbours?
 At some point in our lives, we are likely to have been asked the question, “How may I be of service?” Usually, this question is addressed to us by someone working some sort of…

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Easter Newsletter: Can you eat Christ without the Lord’s Supper?

As I write this, it is Easter Tuesday. At this point we have gone without gathering for worship for over a month. As yet, we still do not know how long we will have to go on in these present…

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February Newsletter

Fasting Lent begins this month on February 26th. In German, Lent is called Fastenzeit. Fasting-time. Fasting is an act of bodily discipline. Not eating at the regular time brings an immediate response from the body. When we feel hunger, we…

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December Newsletter

ADVENT It’s a season of preparation. We’ve spent the last several weeks beginning our preparations for winter. We may have gathered wood for the fireplace, raked the leaves, winterised the car, got winter clothing out of storage, and prepared ourselves…

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November Newsletter

November 2019 Newsletter With the Canadian federal election behind us, and the American election in the news and on the horizon for next year, the idea of government — its responsibilities and failures — is on the minds of many….

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September 2019 Newsletter

Where do you go to get your news? A Russian news outlet decided to run an experiment. They only reported good news to their readers for an entire day. The results of the experiment were severely disappointing.  The site brought positive news…

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