Singing Chorales with Bach: 7th Sunday After Trinity

Seventh Sunday After Trinity

Here are the English versions of the chorales used by Bach for his cantatas for the seventh Sunday after Trinity.

Old Test: Gen. 2:7-17
Epistle: Rom. 6:19-23
Gospel: Mark 8:1-9

BWV 186

Chorale: Salvation unto us has come
Paul Speratus, 1484-1551
Tr.  The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941.
Lutheran Service Book, #555; The Lutheran Hymnal, # 377.
Tune: Es ist das Heil

BWV 187

Chorale: Sing we now with all our heart
Hans Vogel, 1563
Tr. Matthew Carver, 2011.
Tune: In Natali Domini

BWV 107

Chorale: My soul, why such affliction?
Johann Heermann, 1630,
Tr. Matthew Carver, 2012.
Walther’s Hymnal, #378
Tune: Von Gott will ich nicht lassen.

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